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To the brave ones who dare to

I'm here to help you embrace your one wild and precious adventure.
At some point, you realize that life is short and you cannot waste another day being anything less than all you have ever dreamed of.

Your adventure awaits

What is it you've been longing to be or do?
Let's get you the tools, mindset, courage, and magic to make it happen.
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"It's not all in the mind...," but a lot of it is. The fears, doubts, and regrets sit in the back of your mind on the daily, creeping up and blocking your attempts to reach beyond your zone of comfort. You feel stuck and like you can't truly move forward. You know you've outgrown the story you carry about who you are and what you're capable of, as you're vision is much greater, but the old story feels hard to shake and like it is controlling the stirring wheel of your life.When we dive in to help you receive and courageously lean into a new story, new beliefs, and a greater vision - a whole world of possibilities opens up. And truly, it's less about changing beliefs and more about remembering who you really are.And, your mind is not separate from the rest of your nervous system... so it's also in the body.


Did you know that your thoughts can be considered an "output" of your nervous system? So if your nervous system is stressed then your thoughts will naturally reflect that. It all works together and your nervous system is more interested in keeping you safe rather than comfortable, or dare I say, adventurous.(To the nervous system, "safety" equals "predictable" so even if toxic or unhelpful patterns keep occurring, that is truly what your nervous system knows and sees as "predictable," which then feels "safe" - even if it isn't.)Somatic practices invite you to become more aware and nurturing of your body in a gentle and empowering way so that you can create the internal safety needed for lasting personal growth, healing, and self-expression.


And then, as you go deeper, you connect with the part of you that knows your purpose and what will make you feel truly alive and fulfilled. It knows what it means to be all of you no matter what anyone else thinks, projects, or wants from you. (Which is why you're even here on this crazy planet to begin with - to be you!) And it doesn't have to be complicated or elaborate, though it could be if that's fun.So what if we got quantum and touched on your unique magic behind and creating your mind and your body? The part of your that knows your why. It's a journey only you can walk for you, but I'm here to hold the space for that to happen.


As you put it all together a path becomes visible before you. It requires courage because you can't see too far down the path, but you can see the next step. This is where the "rubber meets the road" (as they say) and you start to take the risk of creating your own path. Each step you take on this adventure shows you more of what you are capable of and expands your vision beyond what you can currently imagine.It's not easy and not for the faint of heart. But, I have a feeling that if you made it to this invitation, you're one of the brave ones. The ones who are crazy enough to think you can. And so you do.Plus, you're not alone in this adventure. I'm here with the tools and space-holding that will support your journey.

Let's Play!

Crafting a uniquely powerful experience

Weaving together traditional coaching with somatic practices, energy work, and Jennilee's unique magic. These sessions are truly customized to you, your nervous system, and the path you are on. You are given the time and space to be known, supported, and encouraged to fly.- Certified Professional Coach
- Masters of Divinity
- Reiki Master Practitioner
- Trained in Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing, Neuro-Somatic Intelligence, Authentic Communication, and CBT tools.
- Enthusiast of ritual and sacred ceremony, consciousness studies, quantum physics, body-based modalities (like dance, singing, primal movement, tantra), Earth-wisdom, neuro-affirming practices, authentic leadership, and creative freedom.

Does this sound like you?

  • You want a bigger life. But, it does not feel like you own your destiny anymore, as the slog of life keeps pushing you down a path you don't want.

  • You're secretly a creative genius, but often feel distracted, overwhelmed, afraid to be seen, and unsure of where to start.

  • Your soul yearns for adventure. But, you keep having doubt and insecurities come up even after you've done all the mindset work you could stand.

  • You want deeper connections with others, but you don't even feel connected to yourself.

  • You're a bit (or a lot) woo woo and curious to step even more into the mystery and let divine forces support your journey.

All I can say is, I've been there! Well, that's not all I can say, because I have taken the leap myself to choose a path all my own. I have faced my fears and continue to do so, allowed myself to express creatively and authoritatively, opened my heart to deeper connections, hit the road for adventure, and tapped into my magic. It is possible and I want that for you too - whatever your adventure will look like.

Coaching Packages - Sliding Scale

Sustaining Tier

  • 12-session package: $1500

  • 6-session package: $750

  • 4-session package: $525

Impact Tier

  • 12-session package: $2000

  • 6-session package: $1000

  • 4-session package: $700

Supported Tier

  • 12-session package: $1020

  • 6-session package: $510

  • 4-session package: $350

Single Session


One conversation can open the door to a new reality. This option is great for those who just need space to work out a specific problem or situation.

  • Combining the powerful tools of coaching, somatics, and energy work, based on what is needed.

  • Working on one specific problem or situation.

  • This session can roll into a package if you choose to continue.

sometimes, you just gotta

"step into the unknown where your epic adventure lives. life is too short to waste it playing small and trying to fit into the tiny box of other people's fears."

Tell me, what is it
you dream of?

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